Event Photography Portfolio

Pictures That Tell A Story

This series of event coverage photos should show you the way I approach an event, the way I see things and how I extensively cover as many as angles as I can to tell you how successful the event happened. This would also include photos from a shoot list the client provided and briefed before the event.

Bella Marie France Grand Opening

Pictures to Remember

These images captured should remind you of the time all the hard work that had gone into planning and executing that went on to be a success.

Philips CNY Luncheon

Pictures to mark a Momentous Occasion

Every event was born out of a reason to celebrate – a grand opening, a milestone achieved or even a yearly party. All these have to be recorded for the next generation to appreciate the efforts of their predecessors.

Grand Opening of Victoria’s Secret

Miss Singapore Universe 2016

River Hong Bao 2018

Dr Tor Lam Huat 80th Birthday & Book Launch

Lee Seng Gee Memorial Service