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  • Elaine & Ian
    Didn’t regret engaging Bernard for both our pws and AD! He is indeed very professional. We were very ambitious during our casual prewed shoot and didn’t realise that we took longer than agreed but Bernard went all out and accommodated! Also, he also volunteered to drive us around the entire photoshoot instead of going in two different cars so we could rest in between. Bernard is always on time (early to be exact) and would inform you once he is on his way! This helps to put our mind at ease!
    He is very composed and calm. We were rushing the whole morning because the bridal party arrived late. We were literally speeding on the road to get from place to place and didn’t give bernard very much time to capture the moment but he managed to capture those moments with the limited time we had! We love all the candid shots that day! It was as though he was able to anticipate what was going to happen though we didn’t give him a run through of the day’s activities It was indeed a joy working with such a professional photographer like Bernard! 😊 thank you once again, from the bottom of our hearts!
  • Gwendolyn & Brian
    We were so pleased with our wedding photos! We had engaged Bernard for both our solemnization and wedding. He had the ability to make us feel at ease and capture the beauty in a moment. Both my husband and I weren't comfortable in front of the camera and made this clear to Bernard the first time we met. He assured us that he's practically a ninja and we may not even notice his presence on the event day. When we received the photos, I was so impressed that he managed to capture a couple of shots of my grandma smiling widely when she usually frowns in front of the camera.
    We're very thankful to have Bernard capturing the special moments of our big day and we're reliving the day each time we see the photos.
  • Irene & Jackson
    We had no regrets for engaging Bernard to be our AD photographer. His professionalism and delegation impressed us on the day itself. At all times he was always ready to capture any moments for us and following me everywhere before the start of the ROM ceremony till the end of the banquet. When we received the photos, every moment was captured beautifully even down to small little details that we might not even have memories of it. Each time we looked thru the photos, it seemed like we are reliving the day again! These photos are really gem memories for us to keep for life. Thank you, Bernard, once again! 😘
  • James & Jessie
    Having reviewed the portfolios of many photographers in Singapore my partner and I selected Bernard from Avenue 8 Studios for our pre-wedding photo shoot June 2017. Bernard combines strong technical skills with an artistic passion for taking beautiful photographs. Having not done a photo shoot we were both very nervous on the day, but Bernard helped us both to relax and gave us some great guide on posing together. Bernard was also very creative during our photo shoot looking for opportunities to capture a unique photo or angle. Overall Bernard and Avenue 8 Studios exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering a pre-wedding photo shoot. J&J
  • Levina & Jemmy
    Bernard took the most amazing pictures for our pre-wedding and actual day. His pictures were candid and captured the emotions of the day. He also made a beautiful day highlight video that was the talk of the night. We totally love working with him!
  • Chuan Hao
    This is the fourth time we have engaged Avenue 8; the first time for our wedding, and thereafter for family shoots. Each time has been excellent. Bernard has a definite way to engage kids and keep them interested, the one thing that I'm usually most concerned. He also makes it fun and simple. Looking forward to our next shoot.
  • Bjorn & Madeleine
    We met Bernard two times before our wedding to talk through the options, needs and wishes. A very exciting day and you don’t want that something is missing. Bernard and Jeremy did a fantastic job with their cameras and captured the important moments in a great way - emotions purely captured by Avenue 8. We also use a morning videographer Samuel Seah, who was excellent. The whole team gets five stars out of five, can only highly recommend them.
  • Stephen & Grace
    It's a great experience to have Bernard take care of photography at our wedding. He has been most accommodating, professional and resourceful throughout our engagement. I still don't know how he can pre-conceptualise the idea, execute the shots and bring to life our emotions in the photo story. We are very happy that we can always relive the special moments because they were captured so perfectly and spontaneously. The photo montage video was also edited, selected and completed very quickly (just 2 days!) to allow us to bring it overseas to share with our family and friends.
    We highly recommend Bernard and Avenue 8 Studios.
  • Scott & Grace
    My wife and I are extremely satisfied with our experience with Bernard. I say "experience" because it goes beyond merely the photographs. First, we met with Bernard to review some of his work, and he took the time to learn that we valued capturing authentic and spontaneous relationships, reactions, and events more than posing for photos. That laid the foundation for being on the same page during the events and getting the type of photos that we wanted. Second, the experience of having Bernard at our wedding events: he was professional, barely even noticeable, and he took the time to observe what was happening rather than just photographing everything that moved. He saw the storyline, and anticipated the shots. Third, the photos themselves were incredible, telling the story of our wedding events and capturing the mood. In addition, the photos were edited and returned in a very timely manner. We highly recommend Bernard and are thankful for the recommendation from our friends, who were also highly satisfied.
  • Kah Lok & Joanne
    I'm a fan of Bernard Teo. 2 years prior, he helped Joanne and me with a casual couple shoot, and 2 years later I engaged him again for my big day. Both of my personal branding photoshoots were done by him as well, of which the latter got me the opportunity to work with ASUS. His calm composure, wittiness, and humor always make the shoot an enjoyable one. Couldn't thank him enough. Looks like I'm stuck with him for the rest of my life!

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